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Update on personalized free Keychain offer for Church Councils, Bible Study groups etc.

  • 1.  Update on personalized free Keychain offer for Church Councils, Bible Study groups etc.

    Posted 03-21-2023 03:07 PM

    Five Congregations so far...Have been mailed about 100 personalized Keychains...I just ordered another 1000 more of them.  Read below for more information and God Bless!

    I am President of Our Savior's Lutheran church in Pacifica California.  My wife and I have had a mini evangelism effort to bring groups together and

    promote Christ on a daily basis.  We had a business for years and now use our engraving machine to make hundreds/thousands of Christ Centered

    key chains.  We have gone to many church and secular events and distribute personalized keychains with the person's name on it and a bold cross on the other side.

    These keychains are about 1" high and 2" wide.  This summer we set up a booth for our church at a secular "Fog Fest" craft fair.  To our surprise we handed out over 600

    personalized cross keychains all personalized with a person's name on it over a two-day period.  The beautiful thing that happened that weekend were the dozens of Christians

    that just stood and watched us hand out cross after cross for free.  They loved our booth and couldn't believe that a Christian booth was so popular at a secular craft fair.

    Two months later it got better than that.  If front of our house on Halloween we set up a 10x10 canopy and our machine.  The LORD blessed that evening as we handed out over

    200 keychains to kids and adults for hours.  Our house had ten people deep to line up for a Christ Centered keychain, and once again Christian parents were so happy that even

    on holloween Christ was so popular.

    So, we have been looking for ways to give out these keychains and this new leader website may be a way to do just that.  We are willing to send you a group of personalized keychains to hand out at one of your Voter's, Church Council, or Bible Study groups at no cost to you.

    For some reason people are leery of us doing this and want to know what the catch is.  The catch is we love our Lord, He has blessed us, and we enjoy sending our keychains out and you and your group will enjoy handing them out and receiving them at one of your meetings.  So be a leader and send me a list of first names only...don't leave anybody out as then you want one more and it costs $5.00 to send one more out. :)

    My email is or we can use this site if I learn how to use it.  We ordered 1,000 cross keychains a few months ago and have a couple of hundred left. So how about limiting your initial order of 25 names or less for your group.  We will order another 1000 as necessary...hopefully because you have used your leadership position and this new website to promote Christ in this manner.

    I will include my phone number, but don't want to break any rules by doing so.  Your keychains will probably be made and sent to you a day or two after I receive your order.

    Then you can let others know that this offer is for real and how many smiles your group had at your meeting.  BTW...we have handed them out for years at our VBS (maybe another option in the future) kids put them on a backpack or something else.  I would send a picture if I knew how to download one...but trust me you will enjoy the keychain.

    To God be all the Glory...In HIM,

    Mike Fitzgerald Our Savior's Lutheran Pacifica

    Mike Fitzgerald