Sleep 101

At Concordia Plans our wellness champions create great health and wellness content for workers in the LCMS... but they aren't the only ones who can benefit. Check out the latest entry Sleep 101: What actually happens to me when I sleep? for some helpful information and tips for improving your sleep.
Stop by and say hello if you're in the Milwaukee area! We're attending the LCMS Convention starting this weekend and we'd love to connect with you. Check out this article for more information on free financial one-on-ones, morning walks, lunch and learn opportunities and more! We even have a session on supporting ministry lay leaders.
Whether you're a lay leader or on ministry staff, you need to take care of yourself. June is Men's Health Month, and at Concordia Plans we want to help by providing useful information to help you be well. Feel free to share this information with others in your ministry. Learn more here.