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  • 1.  Engaging with Your Community

    Posted 03-15-2023 04:15 PM

    How does your ministry engage with your community, and what have you found successful? How do you use that success to strengthen and/or grow your ministry? 

    Dawn Crosno
    Engagement Strategist
    Concordia Plans
    St. Louis MO

  • 2.  RE: Engaging with Your Community

    Posted 05-29-2023 02:35 PM

    For about a year we've been in contact with our community's management (it's an unincorporated housing sub-division), and have sponsored various events at several social gatherings in the "Town Hall".  It started by simply walking into the Town Hall building and talking with one of the on-site management team.  Through that we learned what the schedule of events was and how we could participate.  We've set up a tent with kids games and used the opportunity to hand out brochures and information about our VBS.  They welcomed us when we showed up with a number of volunteers to help with events, and donated some prizes for raffles.

    Also we've contacted a near-by elementary school (public) and become a sponsor there; after obtaining permission from the state.  This gave us the opportunity to attend PTA meetings and learned that they were planning a "Staff Appreciation" week in the spring, which we helped with the planning, preparation, financing, and even set up some food for a breakfast as part of this event.  We contributed hand-made greeting cards (150) complementing the work being done at the school.  There are other activities that will be coming up in the fall which we hope to participate in also.

    John Dupps
    Trinity Lutheran Church