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    Posted 04-12-2023 09:26 AM
    Does anyone have recent experience in creating a church directories for used by all the members? Our church uses 360, but access is limited to church leaders. I was wondering if anyone has experience using a program or company that provides the directories service like the photography based companies a few years back. 

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  • 2.  RE: Church Directory

    Posted 04-13-2023 09:05 AM

    We are a smaller church (250 members) and we are having the same struggle.  We are currently using the Shepherd's Staff version of a pictorial directory that I can download to a pdf and reduce size.  Then I'm sharing it through Google Docs so it's available online and printing/binding for those that need hard copy.

    Cheryl Schnicker
    St. James Lutheran Church

  • 3.  RE: Church Directory

    Posted 04-13-2023 09:23 AM

    Our church in Des Peres, MO, uses Instant Church Directory which has an app and online access. You can submit photos for members to help people identify names and and faces, but it gives contact information for members securely. The cost is $9.99 per congregation per month, regardless of church size. I have found it very fast and helpful in a large church to look up members and info. It comes with a 30 day trial to check it out.

    Peter Kirby
    LC-MS Missouri District

  • 4.  RE: Church Directory

    Posted 04-13-2023 11:50 AM

    We are a small church.  Our website has a "back door/portal" for members and friends of the church.  They do need to log in with their email address and use a password they created.  Once in, they have access to the directory and other information (minutes, meetings, committee information, calendar, etc.)  They are able to edit their own information.

    Patti Meyers
    Lakes Area Christian Fellowship

  • 5.  RE: Church Directory

    Posted 05-22-2023 04:59 PM

    Our church uses Church Center App in conjunction with Planning Center.  All members using that app has access to each other with phone number and email.  It has a huge disadvantage with our senior population who do not use a smart phone app because then they have no access at all and have to call the church to get a number or email.  The staff and a few volunteers have access to all people using

    Kristine Blackwell
    Trinity Lisle

  • 6.  RE: Church Directory

    Posted 05-22-2023 05:58 PM

    Thanks Kristine.  Since my original post, our office manager copied selected the data from our online database and put it into a pdf to create our upcoming directory.  We formerly had a photographer/directory company handle the publishing.  Most members can open the pdf but we expect about 40% plus will want a paper copy.  In 2023 I am just about all electronic, but a paper copy in my hand that I can mark-up or add notes to could be very helpful.

    Peter Gardner

  • 7.  RE: Church Directory

    Posted 03-25-2024 03:37 PM

    We just published our first Church Directory in several years. We have ACS/Realm software that we've been using to track membership and for email communications to members. The ACS/Realm software includes the functionality needed to create a directory.

    Given the sensitivity of sharing personal data, we first did a three-question survey that we handed out after each service to ask members what information they would be comfortable sharing (the results told us that most were willing to share name, email, and phone number, but not address). After that, we asked people to complete a form giving us approval to share their name, email and phone number as part of church directory. We had about 75% of members who signed the form. 

    From there, we asked the members to send us their picture, or come before or after services and we took their picture using a cell phone. We were then able to upload the pictures (not everyone wanted to include their picture), and then create and print a directory that included everyone who had given their permission to share their information. It was very well received by all! 

    Lynn Farrell
    Ascension Lutheran Church and School

  • 8.  RE: Church Directory

    Posted 03-25-2024 03:56 PM
    Our church does not print a directory because we have so many people and we found with people going from landline to cell phone only that the phone numbers change monthly and emails change almost as quickly thus a printed directory is outdated almost as soon as it is published.

    However we use Church Center App and there is a built in directory there which is always current if the people keep the church current.  It has the ability to add photo too.  The draw back is that people cannot leaf through it to see if they recognized someone and get their name.

    Kris Blackwell

  • 9.  RE: Church Directory

    Posted 03-26-2024 07:51 PM
    We do a church directory about every year.  It is done using Publisher in booklet form. Pictures are taken with digital camera or cell phone. Most everyone participates. Having the pictures included is very much appreciated by the congregation. In the past we have discussed having an online directory but there were security concerns. Online would also be an issue for a number of our people. 

    Pat Greenwalt
    Evergreen Lutheran Church and Preschool