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  • 1.  Follow up questions: Lenten mid-week services

    Posted 28 days ago

    We loved learning about the different services your congregation is holding during Lent. As a lay leader, how are you involved? Do you help plan activities? Do you play a role in scheduling or facilitating activities? How do you support your pastor during this busy time?

    Dawn Crosno
    Director of Communications
    Concordia Plans
    St. Louis MO

  • 2.  RE: Follow up questions: Lenten mid-week services

    Posted 27 days ago
    Our church has about 150 members.  We have midweek Lenten services at noon on Wednesdays followed by a light lunch.  Attendance at the service is between 30-40 people with most staying for the light lunch.  My wife and I help prepare the light lunch by grilling/cooking the main meal portion for some of the services. The church's Hospitality Team organizes the light lunch with other members also providing the main meal and desserts and side dishes.   We ask for a goodwill offering to offset the expense.  We used to have a 7 pm service also on Wednesdays, but attendance was very sparse because our congregation is older and people do not want to drive at night.  People that work also are very busy with their kids' school activities.

    Tony Cantor
    King of Kings Lutheran Church

  • 3.  RE: Follow up questions: Lenten mid-week services

    Posted 27 days ago
    We have an amazing pastor and congregation! We have about 60 members, so about 30 show for services. But, pastor also does two services in assisted living centers with about 25 people attending each of those services and Bible studies in the church and both centers as well as Sunday school. For Lent, he is holding an 11:00 service followed by soup potluck, and an evening service at 6:00. Most of our congregation are retired and don’t like to drive in the evening, so they come to the midday service, but those younger folks still working attend the evening service.
    We are small, but really reaching out to a lot of people and getting a great response from those near the end of their lives.
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