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  • 1.  Child care policies

    Posted 04-05-2023 08:15 AM

    I am looking for information regarding what the going pay rates are for child care lead care givers and staff child care workers.  What is the starting pay rate and do you set rates/raises based upon seniority at all?  Hourly or salary?  What about paid time off or sick pay for both full time and part time child care workers?  Any and all information is appreciated.  We are looking to make some changes, and I am just wondering what is happening in the market.

    Julie Neumann
    Treasurer, Trinity 

    Julie Neumann
    Trinity Lutheran Church

  • 2.  RE: Child care policies

    Posted 04-06-2023 01:37 PM
    We here at Evergreen have a preschool so not the same as child care. But for new assistants with no experience we pay minimum wage. For those with experience, and if they have college, we use the salary guidelines from District. I hope this helps.

    Lynette George
    Treasurer, Evergreen Lutheran Church and Preschool