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  • 1.  Call Day

    Posted 04-23-2023 03:31 PM

    Congratulations to all the graduates and to the receiving congregations.

    Unfortunately there are many congregations that find they can no longer afford a pastor and are geographicly unable to share with another congregation. That is our situation. We have no debt, a nice small building and mostly seniors attending. It is our hope that someone will know of a retired pastor who would still like to be active on a part time basis and desire a climate with over 325 days of sunshine in the Southwest.  How do you find such a preacher?  We pray that "Word of mouth" will find us one. Please, if you know of, or are related to such a person, Tell them of our need.  Thank you.
    Andrew Fields, president
    Redeemer Lutheran Church,
    Deming, New Mexico.